Since 1978 SATEMA enhances one long experience in the huge overview of the technological knowledge, even industrial or civil sector of piping engineering for process plants, so as for the environmental resources monitoring.

Now SATEMA provides several high performances instrumentations and devices, as well as integrated systems, designed by own enginering service in agreements with its rely on global partners.

SATEMA developes comprehensive solutions for supplying, optimization and energy harvesting, providing measuring and controlling devices available for production, energy and power transformations and carrying on, with supervision tools.

SATEMA working ranges of reference:

  • combustion emissions monitoring analys, environmental and microclimate analysis, energy data parsing with digital acquisition;
  • engineering parameters calculation and recording;
  • physical or chemical characteristic, for any kind of hot or cold fluid, liquid or aeriform phases, diathermic oil, lubricating oil,
  • steam, superheated or chilled water, drinking water, wastewater, foods components, aggressives, hydrocarbons, solvents, air, gases, gas mixtures, etc.
  • Fluidodynamic and thermodynamic values as: level, pressure, vacuum, temperature, humidity, mass, density, turbidity, velocity, flow rate, total or batch flow counting, themal energy, etc.

SATEMA supports his custom befor and after sales or technological fix solutions, with settting up for instrumentations according to commissioning, perfoming calibrations, testings and trainings.

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