Pre-Sales support

Satema dedicates the best effort in collecting the most complete informations available, useful to fixing the best application solution.

For this purpose Satema updates its instrumentation and devices already released or develops new ones by project ideas. To doing so we encourage the cooperation with the customers for exchanging of experiences in thematic studies.

The Services page will grow soon with useful aid tools to get a lot of information, project and experimental data essential for the proper development of technical proposals, estimates and commercial offers.

The Blog is one updating technical information and libraries resource, based on daily practical experiences, ideas, opinions and evaluations.

By our Contact form, we'll begin to know your application needs.

After-Sales support

Satema is the trustee for the instrumental automation technologies.

All our products are provided with clear and full user manuals and maintenance instructions . The devices are sent on according to the commissioning requirements, preconfigured and ready to run after correct installation.

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